Lu & Cullan

Lu (right) and Cullan (left), starting antagonists to a group roleplay I’m running. I have this habit of enjoying stacking antagonist forces. Start with one thing, either conquer it or learn it was a fake out, climb to the next. So these were the “intro baddies” thrown against the players in a sense. (Come to find out, one is a dead old friend, the other is.. well, they haven’t figured that out yet.) Fun times ahead!

Cup Logos

fire borb.png

My mother in law has a machine that prints logos and seals them onto travel cups. So for christmas she asked for some for me and my husband. Naturally, I used my site logo. But there was some debate put in to what to do for my husband’s, and I ended up designing both of these. I think the phoenix was settled on in the end, if I remember right.

Ash of House Engel


Another design from a D&D game. For a while, these were the only things I’d draw anymore. (Still partially are.) I’m very picky about my references and eventually I normally cave and draw precisely what I have in mind. In Ash’s case, I wanted to design her outfit right away. A wild magic sorcerer, her house emblem was a raven grasping a scroll - hence all the feathers. I still love this outfit on her a great deal, and will probably use it again in the future.

The God of Bell Forest


I really love this design for Fox. He’s a character I’ve always wanted to find a “place” for in something, as something. I don’t think this is my favorite version of him per say, but it’s top three easily. In essence, a God in a D&D campaign - guardian of an asian themed forest culture. They do a yearly festival of hanging wish tags with decorative bells up in the forest, and on the last day of the festival it’s said their god Inari runs through all the woods and towns to offer protection to those who made offerings and hung bells.

Suit of Hearts

red king.png
red queen.png

Originally meant for Halloween as the Red Queen and Red Knight, I realized too late into things Ash’s design was for the Queen of Hearts, a totally different character from Through the Looking Glass’ queen. So, not wanting to further conflate the two, I scrambled to redo things and decided on playing cards in the end. Didn’t have the stamina left to edit Cain’s belt by then, so he keeps the knight head.

Also, as is so often the case with these two, I just had to play with gender and outfit design- hence Ash’s cape and King card, while Cain has the collar and accessories more of a Queen.