SI Reinard

Blood Hunter, “totally 100% human”, Reinard. Typically in development, Fox reaches a crossroads where he either is adopted into a family, or isn’t. From one of the lines where he wasn’t - he became this. Hot mess and angry child, thing-stabber expert and all around confused reject looking for a home. Currently getting pretty chummy with a dark Patron entity. Normally he’s bundled up in gear that hides his beastial features, so he can pass as human. Uncovered, he’s a bit of a trainwreck, between scars from past injuries, a slave brand (not sure yet if he was in the market, or if it’s from his Order, jury’s still out on that one). Lots of cuts to utilize the blood pacts his Order taught him. One could argue they’re not self-harm scars, but really, it’s the same thing just with a flimsy justification overtop.