Suit of Hearts

red king.png
red queen.png

Originally meant for Halloween as the Red Queen and Red Knight, I realized too late into things Ash’s design was for the Queen of Hearts, a totally different character from Through the Looking Glass’ queen. So, not wanting to further conflate the two, I scrambled to redo things and decided on playing cards in the end. Didn’t have the stamina left to edit Cain’s belt by then, so he keeps the knight head.

Also, as is so often the case with these two, I just had to play with gender and outfit design- hence Ash’s cape and King card, while Cain has the collar and accessories more of a Queen.

(nsfw) Aasimar Lingerie


Okay listen, it’s a tasteful penis. Wait, no.. It’s artful, okay!

I almost didn’t want to post it here cause dick. But considering the stuff that’s in the writing already around here.. It’s fair game. Also, it’s so gorgeous I can’t not?? (The lingerie, not the- you know what I mean.)

Cain as an aasimar, originally from a tabletop but man I love golden eyed sparkle boys.

Ash Engel


I actually did two versions of this initially- one with short hair and one with long. I often get stuck debating which version of her to do, as her hair actually plays a key role in her character. (Cutting it all of is a big deal for her- versions she still has long hair mean she has yet to come into her own confidence and sense of self.)

This was the first time in years I got to redesign her properly. I think I like her boots the most, still on the fence about the jacket. Ash and outerwear are basically inseparable, always have been, so it’s hard to choose a “look” for her as solid reference. The jacket/coat always changes. Her colors being black/green/silver never do, though.

Feminine Ash


In one version, Ash was older and still with longer hair. Trying this version out actually helped me feel out how comfortable she’d be with more feminine aspects to her- mostly in the clothes and makeup areas. A lot of it helped me develop her better, so she has more facets to her in FABLE beyond sheer androgyny. Initially I was worried about this- I felt like her genderless and more masculine traits wouldn’t shine as much if femininity was added in. But eventually I decided it’s just as important those parts of her as shown, as the more traditional ones are as well. Letting her be more ladylike and delicate in places doesn’t undermine her strength in others- knowing that was pretty pivotal in working out her eventual design in full.