Just As They Are


I’ve been drawing Cain and Ash for years and years, now. I think I made them around 2010 or so, thoughtless concepts for group roleplay online. Somewhere along the line I realized I liked them- more and more, and that drove me to wanting to refine them. I tweaked and rebuilt them hundreds of times over, redesigning them for other roleplays and AU stories written on my own. I’ve taken bits and pieces from each time, learning and keeping the parts that felt just right, building up a more solid idea of them and who they are. All of that work from 2010 till now is what they are for FABLE. Two characters with a lot of history and detail, that I hope shines through well in my writing.

As for my art- well, even when it’s old and not technically as polished as I wish it was, I think it still holds something special. This picture being a perfect example. It has a lot of flaws and issues, but at the end of the day I still love it. I think it captures the two and a glimpse of their relationship really well. I’d say I might remake it one day, but I likely won’t. I’ll make other things, different things. But not something meant to pave over this. There’s nothing wrong with it existing just as it is, I think.