Finishing Touches

It looks like things around here are finally coming together!

Thanks for checking my site out, and for finding your way to this little corner.

I’m not much for words in the moment (a rare case, to be sure) so let’s just establish the basics.

I’m Jean, an indie author working on an urban fantasy novel. In the mean time, I’ve got a lot of writing, poetry, and art queued to release weekly around here.

Writing will update on mondays.

Art will update on wednesdays.

Poetry will update on fridays.

You can find all of these under “Writing”, and the various links provided there. (Click the text, it links to the respective blogs. Everything’s pretty organized, all things considered.)

Anyway, thanks for spending time around here. Hope you enjoy the visit, and find something worth your while. I don’t have a schedule for this blog, I’ll mostly be using it to update things as needed periodically.

Have a good time, and feel free to leave comments on anything if you’ve got those or questions.