When I feel the dark days coming on

I tend to say “I’m getting bad again”

But what does that really mean?

It’s not like I become an evil person

I don’t recoil to an alter ego with a mustache and cape

I don’t howl at the moon or cackle in the shadows

I’m still me, and I’m still here

Nothing really changes but for the feeling in my chest

like a light in an attic

suddenly blown out

I know someone will be up to replace the bulb in time

But for a while I am dim and neglected

I am wild, shaded

Obscured within myself

I creak when the wind blows too hard

and I scare away the people who once rested in me

This is different,

and perhaps it is sad

But it is not Bad.

I am not Bad.

Because when the light is replaced,

and the wind calms down,

my habitants return.

I am warm, and well lit

I am safe, and they come again to dust my insides clean

I no longer say “I am getting bad again”

I say “There is a time for all things”

“This too shall pass”

“There is nothing wrong with being dark for a little while”

“That light will come back on in time”

I am not Bad.

These days, I am Patient.