The Door in the McAfee House

In some ways, this is like a precursor to FABLE. I started realizing the potential for supernatural tones to convey what I wanted to with Ash and Cain, but even after that point I wasn’t sure how to go about using it. I made a lot of “early cases” like this one, trying to set the two up through what they did. I’d say now this could almost be counted as canon for FABLE, perhaps as one of Ash and Cain’s first cases when they were just starting out. The premise of the door is one I’ve wanted to revisit for a while now, as are the concepts of what lie beyond it.

A Favor for a Friend , 1

An old story- something I put together when I still wasn’t sure what to do with Cain and Ash. Their story eventually evolved into what FABLE is now, but I still like to entertain other versions- other times, other worlds, other versions of them on other adventures. This as one of those such times, I guess. I can’t entirely recall what I’d intended on it being- a coming of age story for Ash, maybe. I might come back around to it at some point, flesh it out into something a little more refined and less grounded in a magic-less reality. (Cain and Benjamin especially I find work best in worlds of magic and old arts.)

For now though, it is what it is, and perhaps someone can garner a sense of wonder or passing amusement from the efforts of ages ago.


For years I’ve been repurposing and rewriting intros to this same story. One following a human girl and a plethora of angels and demons come to disrupt her life. Sometimes it’s for a noble calling, sometimes her death, sometimes pure happenstance. I can never seem to decide where I’m going with it or what I want to say in it.

Reviewing it to post it up idly this time gave me a flicker of a concept, though. I’ll make a note and see if it goes anywhere some time later on- once I’ve gotten FABLE squared away how I want it. In the mean time, have one of countless iterations of “Redeemable”.

Our Daughter

I’m not sure what this was for, other than fooling around, but it’s an old piece of something centered on Ash. (Grimm, in FABLE) Her relationship with her parents is pretty integral to her character in most interactions, and I constantly want to get the exact tone of that relationship right. I’m still working on it, but I think this was practice in that area to explore the family dynamic some.